Institute of Future and Innovation Studies Hosts “Technology, Art and the Posthuman” Conference

Technology, Art and the Posthuman

Technology, Art and the Posthuman

John Cabot University’s Institute of Future and Innovation Studies is pleased to announce the conference “Technology, Art and the Posthuman: The End or a New Beginning for Humanism?” on May 13 and 14, 2023. The conference will be held in John Cabot University’s Guarini Campus in Rome.

Part of John Cabot University’s 50th Anniversary events, the conference seeks to foster transdisciplinary and intercultural conversations among artists, technologists, humanists, and natural scientists presenting their work in areas such as literature, philosophy, ethics, psychology, music, fine arts, bodywork, and intercultural knowledge.

The conference is designed to actively break down traditional barriers, prejudices, and misunderstandings between the different fields of human expertise. It will be a chance to foster a complex systemic understanding of life, nature, humanity, technology, and science, as well as to engage with some of the most powerful and perhaps controversial voices in art, science, philosophy, and medicine on issues concerning life, the environment, ethics, culture, and their mutual relationships.

Artists who use biotechnological, digital, electronic, or robotic tools to alter entities in the lifeworld, as well as cryptoart, bioart, deep learning-generated music, and cyborg performances contribute to questioning humanity’s possible futures. They warn us and provoke us, making us reflect on future possibilities, challenges, and new possible understandings of human beings as non-dualist entities and parts of a larger systemic thinking of technology, humanity, and our planet.

On the first day of the conference, as part of the lunch break, the opening of the art exhibition “Collaborate” will take place. The exhibition is a JCU 50th Anniversary project organized by Professor James Gardner, Chair of John Cabot University’s Art and Design Department, in collaboration with Hiram College.

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Registration is mandatory to attend the conference. Click here to register.