JCU Signs MoU with Global Governance Institute in Brussels

John Cabot University in Rome and the Global Governance Institute (GGI) in Brussels have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a new partnership for cooperating in the fields of Global Affairs and International Studies. Both institutions agreed to cooperate on a variety of education, research, and policy-oriented initiatives in order to offer students and researchers significant opportunities in Brussels and Rome.

John Cabot University Guarini Campus
A view of the Guarini Campus of John Cabot University

The Memorandum of Understanding includes cooperation related to John Cabot University’s new M.A. in International Affairs and GGI’s Summer School in Global Peace, Security, and Strategic Studies, offering students the possibility of an intensive Brussels module combined with a policy-making traineeship.

The MoU also creates possibilities for a wide range of cooperation on innovative teaching formats in the realm of executive training and life-long learning initiatives as well as collaborative research and policy-relevant activities in the realm of international and global affairs.

The MoU also seeks to strengthen mutual reinforcement of the policy networks of Brussels and Rome, particularly in the field of UN agencies and international organizations dealing with regional and global issues.

About the Global Governance Institute, Brussels
The Global Governance Institute (GGI) is an independent, non-profit think tank based in Brussels. GGI brings together policy-makers, scholars, and practitioners from the world’s leading institutions in order to devise, strengthen, and improve forward-looking approaches to global governance.

GGI’s mission is to promote comprehensive research, inclusive and innovative education, and impactful advice on core policy issues, informed by a truly global perspective. This also includes raising awareness about major challenges of global governance among the general public.

Its vision is a more equitable, peaceful, and sustainable global order based on effective but accountable international organizations, the global rule of law, and the empowerment of the individual across borders and cultures. GGI places particular emphasis on the improvement of the United Nations system and its mutual reinforcement with strong regional organizations.

GGI hosts the European Centre of Global Education (ECGE) which advances innovative and policy-relevant education formats in the area of Global Governance. GGI is also a founding member of the European Network on Teaching Excellence, E-NOTE.

For further information, visit www.globalgovernance.eu