Reducing Food Waste: JCU Welcomes Andrea Petrini Rossi from Too Good To Go

On November 2, during a preparatory session for the Triggering Change Pitch Competition, John Cabot University and Richmond American University London students had the privilege of listening to a talk by Andrea Petrini Rossi, Rome Sales Team Lead at Too Good To Go. Too Good To Go is an app that allows users to buy unsold food at half price. The talk focused on Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2) – Zero Hunger, which is one of the two selected SDGs for this semester’s Triggering Change Pitch Competition at JCU- and how Too Good To Go is addressing food waste and promoting responsible consumption.

Too Good To Go

Petrini Rossi began by highlighting some alarming statistics: 40% of all food produced is wasted, and this inefficiency in our food system squanders precious resources and has profound environmental, social, and financial consequences. Too Good To Go’s mission is to impact the food supply chain by addressing this problem. It aims to reduce food waste by educating consumers about responsible consumption and by collaborating with food providers to not waste their leftovers.

Petrini Rossi emphasized that every step in the food production and distribution process contributes to CO2 emissions and resource depletion. Food waste, therefore, has far-reaching environmental implications. “If food waste were a country, in terms of CO2 emissions, it would rank as the third largest emitter after China and the US,” said Petrini Rossi. Fruits and vegetables, being more perishable, are among the most wasted food items, accounting for 46% of food waste. Too Good To Go’s app offers several practical tips on how to reduce waste, such as freezing or cooking these items. It also tackles issues like wrong labeling and encourages people to use their senses (look, smell, and taste) before discarding food, further contributing to waste reduction.

“Reducing food waste is the number one solution for climate change, and it is something everyone can contribute to. Too Good To Go plays a crucial role by connecting those who have surplus food with those who want to rescue it, effectively preventing it from ending up in landfills,” Petrini Rossi continued. Since 2015, Too Good To Go has saved more than 250 million meals, or three meals saved every second. The platform benefits users, stores, and the environment.

Too Good To Go is creating a movement to inspire and support everyone in the fight against food waste.

(Davide Ebraheem)