Kushlan Lectures in Environmental Conservation Kicks Off with “The Challenges of COP 28”

Prof. Benito Mueller and the late Prof. Saleemul Huq, co-authors of the Manifesto on Climate Solidarity Levies in Bonn, June 2023

John Cabot University is pleased to announce the start of the Kushlan Lecture Series in Environmental Conservation with “The Challenges of COP 28 and Innovative Sources of Finance for the New Loss and Damage Fund.” This event, featuring expert speakers Professor Benito Mueller and Dr. Federica Fricano, marks the beginning of a series of enlightening lectures that will delve into cutting-edge topics of environmental policy. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, November 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the Aula Magna Regina of the Guarini Campus in Via della Lungara 233.

About the Speakers
Professor Benito Mueller of Oxford University is Managing Director of Oxford Climate Policy and Director of the European Capacity Building Initiative. Professor Mueller is an international authority on capacity building for developing country climate change negotiators.

Federica Fricano
Dr. Federica Fricano

Dr. Federica Fricano is Director of EU Affairs in the Environment Sector and International Strategies on Sustainable Development and Climate, at the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. Dr. Fricano is a world expert on environmental policy and has served as a key member of international panels and fora dedicated to climate policy.

COP 28
John Cabot University has attended COP summits for the past three years. This lecture, which aims at positioning JCU as a thought leader in the field of international relations and environmental policy, is intended to prepare this year’s delegation of four students and a professor, who will attend COP in Dubai. It will be an opportunity for JCU’s internal and external stakeholders to hear expert opinions and thus facilitate the understanding of a highly complex and controversial global summit.

About the Kushlan Lecture Series in Environmental Conservation
The environment is central to every aspect of our lives; environmental change is the greatest challenge of our future. Undertaking conservation action, enabling adaptation, and securing resilience are opportunities and responsibilities shared by government, civil society organizations, business, and individuals. Dr. James A. Kushlan, former senior member of the JCU Board of Trustees, established the Lecture Series in Environmental Conservation to bring together thought leaders and the University community to share insights into these increasingly existential issues.

The author of 14 books and over 270 articles, Dr. Kushlan is an authority on the biology and conservation of the waterbirds and wetlands, especially herons and the Florida Everglades. He has been a wildlife biologist, research center director, university professor, president of the American Ornithologists’ Union, founder and chair of conservation initiatives, and board member of numerous civic organizations. 

If you are interested in attending, please register here by November 20.