JCU Students Foster Leadership Dialogue with LUISS Students

On November 17, 2023, a delegation of JCU student club leaders were invited to speak at Collegio Mazza, a residence hall for students of LUISS Guido Carli Business School, in Rome. 

During the conversation, JCU’s students shared their leadership experiences as board members of their respective clubs. They delved into the responsibilities of their roles, discussed the challenges they encounter, and offered insightful solutions to building teams for success. They did so by sharing tips on creating visions with common goals for teams to transition smoothly into the following year. The aim was to initiate a dialogue that will pave the way for similar roles at Collegio Mazza.

JCU student club leaders at Collegio Mazza
JCU student club leaders at Collegio Mazza

“We are very happy to host our friends from JCU and for them to share their expertise,” said Valentina Romanelli, Assistente di Direzione at Collegio Mazza and organizer of the event. Under the leadership of Romanelli and Francesco de Facci, Academic and Residence Tutor, Collegio Mazza has recently introduced its first ten student-run clubs and organizations.

The JCU delegation comprised Martina Atanasova (Vice President of the Arab Student Association), Janane Hassaan Saad (President of the Black and African Student Association), Lynch Ainsley Sariola (President of the Business Society), Francesco Albano (President of the Grassroots Environmental Club and the MUN Society), Fernanda Lucia Montano Hurtado (Vice President of the Grassroots Environmental Club), Carolina Miller (Vice President of the Organization of Latin American Cultures), Oliwia Gladysz (Vice President of the Slavic Cultural Club), Liliana Ferreri and Michela Noris (President and Vice President of STAND), Carlos Santander (President of Student Government), and Valeria Reyes Garcia (President of the Women’s Leadership Initiative). They were accompanied by Director and Assistant Director of Student Services Pilar Murguia and Federica Bocco.

“A leader is not just someone who tells you what to do, but someone who facilitates growth,” noted student leader Valeria Reyes Garcia. “Understanding your peers enables you to support the team better. Rather than dictating tasks, a leader should motivate and collaborate with the team.”

The primary objective of the panel was to offer Collegio Mazza students an in-depth understanding of how JCU student leaders navigate their university journey and manage responsibilities as club leaders. Key points of discussion included how JCU leaders balance maintaining a high academic performance while leading one or more clubs, ensuring a cohesive executive board, and addressing issues such as time management, conflict management, empathy, diversity, and inclusion.

Murguia remarked, “Fostering leadership dialogue among student leaders from different institutions is an inspiring journey of intercultural exchange and shared experiences. It not only builds connections between clubs but also opens doors to new opportunities. This collaborative initiative empowers both sides to grasp the essence of leadership and understand how their interactions can leave a profound impact on the lives of fellow club leaders. This panel discussion marks the beginning of numerous new leadership opportunities for our student club leaders.”