Frohring Foundation Makes Generous Donation to John Cabot University 

The Paul and Maxine Frohring Foundation has once again made a generous donation to John Cabot University.

“I am very pleased to announce, with sincere gratitude, that we have received a wonderful donation of one million dollars from the Frohring Foundation, only the last of the many contributions by three generations of Frohrings to the prosperity and success of our beloved University,” said JCU President Franco Pavoncello

The Frohring Family with President Franco Pavoncello
President Franco Pavoncello (first from right) with three generations of the Frohring family

In 1958, Paul and his wife Maxine Frohring created the Frohring Foundation, an independent foundation supporting higher education that has long been a benefactor of John Cabot University. Paula Frohring, Paul and Maxine’s daughter, is a cherished Trustee of JCU, as is Paula’s daughter, Kristin Frohring Kushlan Finkelstein.

In 1999 JCU’s library was renovated and inaugurated in its new location on the lower level of Via della Lungara. On that occasion, it was renamed the Frohring Library, thanks to a generous donation from the Frohring family.

In 2015, the Frohring Foundation donated $1 million to provide scholarships to deserving students from developing, non-US, and non-EU, countries. Gifts from the Foundation have helped the University’s operations over the years, made possible the construction of the Aurelian Wing of the Frohring Library, and provided funds for grants to support professors in their research and professional development.

In early 2021, the Frohring Foundation donated $950,000 to the University. This donation arrived as JCU was facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and was an inspiring recognition of the enormous community efforts that were necessary to keep the University running.

On September 29, 2022, John Cabot University renamed the Tiber Campus to the Frohring Campus, in honor of the Frohring family, whose generosity and support of the University dates back to 1972, when JCU was founded.

The entire John Cabot University community joins President Pavoncello in thanking Paula Frohring, Kristin Frohring Kushlan Finkelstein, and the Frohring Foundation for their latest demonstration of generosity.