JCU Students and Junior Entrepreneurs Participate in Innovation Training Summit

JCU students Robert Savu and Sara Grandi recently participated in the Innovation Training Summit, held at the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome on March 21 and 22, 2024. The Summit, which was aimed at exploring new ideas for the future of education, was organized by EFI (Ecosistema Formazione Italia). Robert and Sara are Board Members of JERO International Consulting, the Junior Enterprise representing the entrepreneurial spirit of John Cabot University.

Innovation Training Summit
Innovation Training Summit

“Being a Junior Entrepreneur means engaging actively with innovation and change. It involves addressing challenges directly and understanding that every problem can be a chance to learn and make a difference. All Junior Entrepreneurs live by this approach, motivated by a desire to explore, collaborate, and bring to life ideas that could change industries,” they explained. Robert and Sara’s participation in the Summit reflected their commitment to continuous learning and creating new opportunities in business and beyond. This aligns with the Junior Enterprise network’s goal of bridging the gap between university education and the workplace by empowering students who are both capable and dedicated to making a significant impact. “Junior Entrepreneurs embrace the network’s core values of growing together, maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset, achieving meaningful results, and possessing a driven attitude, all essential for transitioning smoothly from academic learning to professional excellence,” they added.

The Innovation Training Summit was a celebration of progress in the training sector, bringing together over 150 experts and 1,500 participants from varied backgrounds. It was an arena for dialogue, learning, and exploration, covering a wide range of topics from innovative training methodologies to sustainability in business practices. Robert and Sara attended a workshop on sustainability led by Up2You. Here, the focus on gamification and edutainment as tools for instilling social and environmental responsibility provided them with fresh insights into how businesses can engage with these critical issues in impactful ways.

Beyond the sessions and speeches, the Summit was a fertile ground for networking and collaboration. Interactions with established companies like Buono & Partners, innovative startups such as EggUp, and educational platforms like Skilla, offered Robert and Sara a panoramic view of the evolving landscape of HR tech and consulting. These encounters sparked conversations about future collaborations that could meld the innovative enthusiasm of Junior Enterprises with the seasoned expertise of established firms.

Finally, the presence of representatives from JE Italy, the national confederation bringing together 36 Italian Junior Enterprises, underscored the collective power and shared vision driving the Junior Enterprise movement within the country. “For us Junior Entrepreneurs, this event was not just motivational but a strong validation of our chosen journey. Seeing the unity and purpose among our peers brought to life JE Italy’s vision of transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s conscious leaders,” Robert and Sara explained.

JE Italy’s vision is anchored in three key pillars that are at the base of its annual strategy: ecosystem, quality, and impact. These pillars highlight the importance of creating a supportive community, maintaining high standards in all endeavors, and ensuring meaningful contributions to society. For Robert and Sara, who are actively part of the JE Italy Team for 2023/24, the gathering was a reminder of their commitment to these ideals, encouraging them to continue striving for excellence, fostering a positive and impactful ecosystem, and leading by example to make a real difference in the world.

The essence of the Summit, and the journey of Junior Entrepreneurs, lies in the dynamic interplay between youthful innovation and experienced entrepreneurship. It’s in these intersections that the potential for transformative projects emerges, where the audacity of young entrepreneurs meets the wisdom of established leaders to explore new frontiers.

(Robert Savu and Sara Grandi)