Modern Languages and Literature News

La Roma di Mamma Roma: A New Book by Professor Federica Capoferri

Federica Capoferri, Associate Professor of Italian language and literature, recently published her new book, "La Roma di Mamma Roma" (Rome: Palombi).

“I am not old enough:” Early Marriages in Rome’s Slums

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature and Service Learning – Combining Fieldwork and Education hosted a special lecture called “’I am not old enough’: Early Marriages in Rome's Slums.”

Professor James Schwarten Translates Essay and Play by Dacia Maraini

JCU Italian Studies Professor James Schwarten translated an essay and a one-act play from Dacia Maraini's Sulla Mafia: Piccole Riflessioni Personali

Queer Cultures in Italy: a Lecture by Enrico Salvatori

Prof. Paolo Prato invited Enrico Salvatori to his Italian Media and Popular Culture class to talk about Queer Cultures in Italy.

John Cabot University Presents Lecture by Dr. Matthew Reza

On October 26, 2016, the Department of Modern Languages and Literature hosted a lecture by Dr. Matthew Reza, a researcher in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford.

Meet Professor Gina Siddu Pilia, Foreign Language Resource Center

Prof. Pilia, who teaches Italian at John Cabot University, talks about the importance of learning foreign languages.

Dacia Maraini Presents her Book “Extravagance and Three Other Plays”

On February 2, 2016 the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation together with the Department of Modern Languages and Literature welcomed celebrated Italian author Dacia Maraini to present her book Extravagance and Three Other Plays, recently published by JCU Press.

John Cabot University Press Announces Publication of “Extravagance and Three Other Plays” by Dacia Maraini

A book presentation with Dacia Maraini and James Schwarten is planned for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Flaminio di Biagi Presents “La Roma di ‘Roma Città Aperta'” at JCU

On October 27th the Department of Modern Languages and Literature sponsored the presentation of Flaminio di Biagi's new book La Roma di "Roma Città Aperta" (The Rome of 'Rome Open City').

JCU Hosts Presentation of Book Co-Edited by Prof. Clough Marinaro – “Global Rome: Changing Faces of the Eternal City”

The panel discussion also featured authors and discussants Bjørn Thomassen, Pietro Vereni, Alessandra Broccolini, Carlo Cellamare, Pierluigi Cervelli, Ferruccio Tabalzi, Simon Martin and Pierpaolo Muddu.

Dr. Dafne Chanaz Presents “The Pizza Connection” Lecture

Professor Dafne Chanaz (University of Washington) is a food researcher, activist, journalist, and cook.

JCU is First Institution to Offer Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language Certificate (DITALS) for American Universities

DITALS is a professional qualification offered by the Università per Stranieri di Siena for prospective teachers of Italian as a foreign language.

Professor Ada Bertini Publishes Article on Teaching of Italian Phonetics

Professor Ada Bertini, who teaches Italian language at JCU, recently published an article in the prestigious journal Bollettino Itals on the teaching of phonetics.

JCU Launches New Course: Researching Rome – Fieldwork in the City

In Spring 2014 John Cabot University will be launching an exciting new course for students who want to do independent field research in the city of Rome. Taught by sociologist and Italian Studies Professor Isabella Clough Marinaro, the course is aimed at students who are interested in exploring and analyzing first-hand some of the most fascinating social, cultural and political issues of contemporary Rome.

Welcome Participants to Advanced Placement Italian Summer Institute

John Cabot is pleased to welcome 25 teachers of Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture to the Advanced Placement Summer Institute to our campus this summer.