JCU Students Visit Tuscany


JCU Students Visit Tuscany

Despite some of the harshest temperatures to grace Italy for decades, this past weekend a group of 45 very enthusiastic John Cabot University students, accompanied by staff members from the Student Services Center, braved the cold and snow, and left Rome for a cultural excursion of some of the finest sights Tuscany has to offer.

Travelling through the snow-filled Tuscan countryside, the students took the likes of Arezzo and Pisa, where their walking tour culminated in a visit to the world-famous Leaning Tower.
To warm up, they stopped off in Cenaia, a little village outside Pisa, for a wine tasting session, and spent the evening in Siena, where they explored the majestic, shell-shaped Piazza del Campo square, possibly the finest in Italy, and dined on scrumptious, traditional Tuscan cuisine.


JCU students in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa