JCU's Frohring Library Presents JCU Authors 2012 Exhibit

JCU Authors 2012

JCU Authors 2012

John Cabot University is delighted to present the JCU Authors 2012 exhibit, currently being held until May 27th in the Frohring Library reference room.

The exhibit showcases a host of JCU faculty writing, and is being held in occasion of the University’s 40th anniversary celebrations, alongside a wide series of events. This event gives the chance to celebrate the JCU faculty’s work, and let both students and the community find out something more about the work being done by University faculty.

Following in the footsteps of the 2009 edition, the exhibit also features a broad selection of books and articles produced by current and former JCU professors (as well as a JCU alumna). The Library Lab hosts a virtual interactive presentation, with clickable links for each professor listing the full works shown both in 2009 and in the current edition.

If you wish to support the JCU Frohring Library expansion project, you will be able to make a contribution of your choice at the exhibit entrance.