JCU Mens Soccer Team Defeats AUR 2-1: Go Gladiators

Congratulations to the JCU Gladiators! The JCU men’s soccer team battled it out in the derby against our cross-town rivals AUR on Wednesday, November 28th. The teams were tied 1-1 at the half but JCU brought it home in the second half when they scored their second goal, resulting in a victory with the final score being 2-1 JCU!

The JCU men’s soccer team is made up of both study abroad students and degree seekers from many different countries who obviously know how to come together and conquer! A big thank you to all the loyal JCU supporters who withstood the terrible weather conditions in order to support their team!

Our JCU Lady Gladiators also played on the same night. Like the men’s soccer team, the Lady Gladiators are also made up by study abroad students and degree seekers. It was a close game with a lot of heart and ended in a 4-3 loss for the women against Foro Italico. We are looking forward to a re-match in the future!

Student Services would like to to thank all the fans who came out to support the Gladiators and toughed it out through less than desirable weather conditions! Congratulations to both of our teams who made us proud.