John Cabot Presents "Router:" an Exhibit by the Studio Art Faculty

Router, JCU's art exhibit

Router, JCU’s art exhibit

John Cabot University is proud to present “Router,” an Exhibit by the faculty from JCU’s Studio Art Department. This is the first time that the studio art faculty are displaying their work together, in a show curated by Ilaria Gianni, from JCU’s Department of Art History and Studio Art.

Artists: Jochem Schoneveld, Paolo Soriani, Peter Flaccus, Serafino Amato, William Pettit

Date: November 8 – 15, 2012

Place: Ecos Gallery, Via Giulia 81A, Roma

Open: every day from 11 to 7 p.m., Saturday 11 to 1 and 5 to 8. Sunday and Monday closed.

tel: 0668803668

The exhibition presents the work of five artists––three photographers and two painters. The five have become a convivial group of friends and colleagues, encountering each other regularly at the studios of John Cabot University in Largo dei Fiorentini, just behind the Ecos Gallery, where they teach courses in photograph, painting, and drawing. Also on the JCU faculty is curator Ilaria Gianni.

These recent works arrive from artists of diverse nationalities, histories, and artistic outlooks. The images, ideas and imaginations of both the artists and visitors arrive in the gallery from diverse origins and are redirected onto new pathways and toward new destinations. Hence the title Router, a word in network terminology signifying an electronic device that receives data and sends it on again: an intermediary connection, a relay point. With the difference that, here, some of the signals may submit to a bit of promiscuous mixing up, so that new meanings may emerge from unexpected affinities as well as intractable contradictions.

Dutch photographer Jochem Schoneveld has focused much of his work on landscapes altered by human presence. Here he exhibits some examples from an large-scale project in which he photographs from the precise point of view and at the same time of day the same images found in drawings by 17th century Dutch visitors to Italy. Paolo Soriani has published photographs of architecture and the world of music, particularly jazz. A recent book and series of photographs explores the geography of borders. In his new work, jarring juxtapositions stimulate reflections on memory and evoke singular states of mind. Serafino Amato began his photographic career in the world of theater, and has published three books, most recently “Fogli dei giorni––Leafing through the Days” (2012). Also author of videos, he presents here––not without a wry awareness of place and history––an informal study of Fuksas’ emerging “Nuvola” at EUR.

Two American painters, Peter Flaccus and William Pettit, who have made their homes in Italy for many years, both demonstrate a connection to the tradition of American abstraction. Peter Flaccus shows a large-scale painting executed in the medium of encaustic, in which his usual engagement with color and with linear rhythms are in evidence. William Pettit, who also works in sculpture, photography, video, music, and poetry, shows recent abstract works exploring the close connections between painting and music, in which tone, density, rhythm, and silence are essential.

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