Alumna Federica Bruera's Parents Praise JCU Experience

Alumna Federica Bruera's Parents

Alumna Federica Bruera’s Parents

“When, in 2010, Federica shared with us her plans for college, we never thought this idea would take her so far. From the small town of Pinerolo, where we live, 40 kilometers west of Turin, she had set her heart on what seemed a very distant location: Rome. Well, that turned out to be only the start of it: today Federica is getting her Master’s in Neuroscience and Education at Columbia, in New York!

After having attended summer classes in England and then spent a semester studying abroad in the U.S. during high school, Federica had decided she wanted to study in an American university. We didn’t know anything about the American system. In fact, we don’t even speak English, so we were at a loss about what to advise her. So we let her lead the way and we followed her inclination.

The day we stepped into the JCU campus to attend an Open day, we fell in love with the university. Everything was well-organized, the atmosphere was so relaxed and welcoming, and the students seemed friendly and engaged. Instinctively, we knew Federica had made the right choice.

Initially, we were anxious about the fact that Federica was living far from home and that she was studying in a language that wasn’t her mother tongue. But, over time, we understood it would be ok, thanks to the American educational system, which provides a frank and open relationship between students and professors and, especially, a hands-on approach to learning.

As a teacher myself—I am a high school teacher of Italian and Latin with 27 years’ experience—I could really appreciate the teaching methodology of the JCU faculty. Federica constantly told me stories about her classes and professors, how they developed her critical thinking and encouraged her to go beyond her comfort zone. They did this while providing support and encouragement and offering endless stimulating opportunities for intellectual growth in group and individual projects.

But the greatest thing JCU did for Federica was opening up the doors to the global world, with no barriers or borders of any kind.”

Anna Maria and Silvano Bruera