Professor James Schwarten Curates Art Exhibit in Rome: "Danish Impressionists in Abruzzo"

JCU Italian Studies Professor James Schwarten is among the curators of the art exhibit “Danish Impressionists in Abruzzo.” The exhibition opened on March 31st at the Andersen museum and attracted over two hundred visitors.

The exhibit is the first in Italy since the Rome Expo of 1911, in which numerous paintings of the “Cività D’Antino School” were placed on public display. The Cività D’Antino School was founded by Danish painter Kristian Zahrtmann in an isolated mountain village in the Roveto Valley of Abruzzo. Seeking independence from the formal structures of the Academy of Copenhagen, Zahrtmann was captured by the natural beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the townspeople. He founded a community of Nordic artists in Cività D’Antino who lived and worked there for three decades.

All 52 items in the exhibit have been carefully selected along thematic lines that highlight the curiosities, desires, and aspirations of the Nordic painters. Professor Schwarten edited and contributed to the exhibit catalog, together with Professor Marco Nocca (Accademia Belle Arti, Roma) and Professor Attilio Brilli (University of Siena). The event is promoted by the Fondazione Pescarabruzzo and Archivio Ferrante.

The exhibition is open until June 2nd at the Andersen Museum, Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, 20 (Metro A: Flaminio / Piazza del Popolo).

Visit the exhibit website (in Italian)

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