JCU Students Embark on Eating Italy Food Tour

Eating Italy Food Tour

Eating Italy Food Tour

On Friday, March 13, a group of six hungry JCU students embarked on a delicious adventure organized by the Student Services Office: the Eating Italy Food Tour. They met their tour guide Emma in Testaccio, where Roman cuisine, Italian culture and history mix together in one of the most fascinating areas of the Capital. It is known to Romans as the “heart of Rome.”

The tour began with the tasting of small cornetti and tiramisù in chocolate cups from Barberini, the neighborhood’s best pastry shop. From sweet they moved to salty dishes, tasting prosciutto San Daniele, salami and three different kinds of cheese at the acclaimed Volpetti, which has been Rome’s top gourmet food store for 40 years. Emma then led the group to Volpetti Più to taste the third ranked slice of pizza in all of Rome.

Eating Italy Food Tour

Eating Italy Food Tour

Then they took a break from food and visited the non-Catholic cemetery where the poet John Keats is buried. Emma also showed them where the first Stadio Olimpico was located.

They didn’t have time to feel hungry again when they found themselves immersed in the Testaccio Market. At the market they learned to make their own bruschetta and tasted real buffalo mozzarella. This was followed by cannoli at Dess’Art from the famous Sicilian pastry chef, Costanza Fortuna.

The group then moved to the restaurant Flavio al Velavevodetto (“Flavio at I Told You So”) where they tasted three traditional pasta dishes with two types of wine. Full and happy, they headed to the piazza of Santa Maria Liberatrice where they experienced real Roman street food, eating supplì at the NY Times acclaimed Trapizzino.

For desert, the group tasted homemade Giolitti gelato while Emma explained how to distinguish real gelato from the fake stuff.

Everyone in the group agreed: they were no longer tourists, but had become “testaccini” for a day!

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