Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan Wins Two Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing

Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan

Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan

John Cabot University Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan, author of the bestselling Amazon e-book The Marco Chronicles, has been named a recipient of two of the 9th Annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing in the categories of Travel Memoir and Women’s Travel.

Awards in each category are divided by gold, silver and bronze. Professor Geoghegan’s The Marco Chronicles received the Gold Award in Travel Memoir, while Things You Can Learn from Nuns and Other Tales received the Bronze Award in Women’s Travel.

Professor Geoghegan earned an MFA in Writing from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Creative Writing from The University of Colorado at Boulder, where her graduate thesis The Sound of Skin was selected for the Ruth Murray Underhill Award. She is the author of The Marco Chronicles, To Rome, Without Love, and her fiction has appeared in The Cream City Review and other journals. She is currently completing a story collection called The Book of Boys and an untitled novel. Professor Geoghegan has lived in Italy since 1999. She is currently teaching Creative Writing Workshop: Writing the Eternal City.

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