JCU Students Develop Communication Plan for Rome Opera House

The class that worked with the Rome Opera House

The class that worked with the Rome Opera House

During the Fall 2015 semester JCU Advertising Management students had the opportunity to develop a communication plan for a very special “client,” the Rome Opera House.

Under the supervision of Professor Antonella Salvatore, four teams developed a communication plan for four different markets, thus putting into practice the theories learned in class.

The students presented their plans and ideas to the representatives of the Rome Opera House; they discussed how to generate more brand awareness and better target both an Italian and international audience. After reviewing the plan, the Rome Opera House confirmed its interest in hiring two JCU interns to develop the organization’s social media and web marketing strategies.

Each semester Prof. Salvatore (who is also Executive Manager of the Center for Career Services) asks students to work as “consultants” in order to solve actual business problems. One of the JCU partner companies meets with students at the beginning of the semester and then throughout the term, students work on the project under Prof. Salvatore’s guidance.

This is just one way that John Cabot University helps students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market.