Bloomberg Terminal Now Available in JCU Frohring Library

Bloomberg Professional, one of the most powerful business research tools, is now available in the Frohring Library for all JCU students, faculty, and staff.

The tool runs on a dedicated terminal, which provides extensive coverage of current news, corporate legal information, company profiles, current and historical financial and industrial data, and international economic information in a real-time streaming format.

The Bloomberg dedicated terminal is located in the Library computer lab, and the machine is easily recognizable with the unusual keyboard and the login instructions provided near the workstation. Bloomberg Professional can be used by any one at any time during library operating hours.

The Bloomberg terminal will be integrated into JCU finance and economics courses so as to provide students with access to real data in real time and undertake specific training to develop their professional skills.

JCU Vice President and Academic Dean, Dr. Mary Merva, CFA, said that this will allow JCU students to enter into a world of information that will open new avenues of exploration into the economic and financial world we live in. Says Dean Merva, “Bloomberg terminals are not just for finance students. Students from other majors, such as international affairs and communications, can have access to eye-opening information about companies. In particular, one of the fastest growing uses of Bloomberg data is the “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) data that covers more than 11,000 companies in 65 countries. We hope to really get students and faculty interested in using this information resource to further their own research.”

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