Italian Daily Corriere della Sera Publishes Editorial by Prof. Pietro Paganini

On January 8, 2016, Prof. Pietro Paganini published an editorial in one of Italy’s main daily newspapers, Corriere della Sera, on the future of Milan as an innovative global city.

With mayoral elections coming up in June, Prof. Paganini called for a city that can offer a new development model to the rest of the world. After the success of the 2015 Expo, Milan could become a more attractive, productive and innovative global city. In order to do so, Prof. Paganini believes the new city management will have to transform the Greater Milan Area into an autonomous Free Zone.

Professor Paganini, who is from Milan, Italy, joined JCU in 2008 as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration. He holds a Doctorate in Communication and Complex Organizations from LUMSA University, is co-founder of Competere – Geopolitical Management – a transatlantic consulting firm based in Rome. He is also the founder of Gingerit, an interior design and renovation firm.

Read the article (in Italian): “Milano può diventare un modello di innovazione