National Competition Authority of Hungary Study by Professor Belenyesi

On February 6, the National Competition Authority of Hungary (NCA) published a study carried out by JCU Professor Pal Belenyesi. Professor Belenyesi compared the legal and economic approaches to antitrust of digital platforms in the United States and in the European Union.

The NCA commissioned Professor Belenyesi in April of 2015 to conduct research regarding digital markets in Europe and the US. The resulting study, “Antitrust Considerations in Digital Markets – A comparative study for the Hungarian Competition Authority,” draws conclusions based on analyses of antitrust related investigations of “Over-the-Top companies,” such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook. Belenyesi built his research off of previous presentations he created for various European Parliament committees.

Professor Belenyesi teaches Economic Competition and Law (EC/LAW 347), Public International Law (PL 320), and Leading Multicultural Negotiation Leadership (BUS 340) at JCU. He has worked for national authorities in Hungary, for the European Commission, the European Parliament and blue chip companies in Hungary, Italy and in the US working in strategy, sales and general management.

Read the study (in Hungarian, with a summary in English)

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