2015 Student Video Contest Award Ceremony Hosted by Italy Reads

Italy Reads 2015 Student Video Contest Awards

Italy Reads 2015 Student Video Contest Awards

Now in its 7th edition, Italy Reads is John Cabot University’s community-based reading and cultural exchange program. Each year, high-school teachers and their students read a work of American literature and engage in discussions and activities surrounding the themes, in English.

On February 17, some of the 135 students and 16 teachers who participated in the Italy Reads Student Video Contest gathered in the Aula Magna Regina for the award ceremony. Each year, prizes are awarded to the classes that produce the best 3-minute videos inspired by the work of American literature selected as the focus of the annual Italy Reads Program. This year’s book was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

JCU Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Merva welcomed attendees to this annual event. Dean Merva applauded Professor Carlos Dews for his work in directing Italy Reads to what it is today. She announced that in order to focus on other academic pursuits within JCU, Professor Dews will step down as Director of Italy Reads, yet continue as Academic Consultant. Gina Marie Spinelli will now lead the program as its Executive Coordinator.

Ms. Gina Marie Spinelli, Executive Coordinator for Italy Reads and Italy Writes programs, announced the winners of the contest. The 17 submissions were produced by students at high schools in Rome, Naples and Padula.

The 1st Prize (500) was awarded to:
The Bluest Eye Book Trailer
by Professor Elisabetta Ranieri’s 4F Class at Liceo Scientifico G.B. Morgagni. Judges commented: For its original, appropriate and playful use of computer gaming in recreating the novel’s characters, setting and narrative. Its use of sound was accurate at replicating the novel’s gloomy mood.

The 2nd Prize (€300) was shared by two entries:
My Mute Shout
by Professor Alessandra Tedeschini’s 5AL Class at Liceo Immanuel Kant, Rome. Judges commented: “This is an interpretation of the novel through different original choices (black and white, the piano score, and a series of events that are turned backwards). There is great attention to detail, as in the young woman’s makeup.”

The Bluest Eye by Professor Cinzia Cetraro’s 5D Class, the “PSG9 Group”, at Liceo Scientifico Isaac Newton, Rome. Judges commented: “This video made use of charming visuals, a moving soundtrack, and a vibrant voiceover.”

Honorable Mentions were awarded to:
Goodbye Little Dumpling
by Professor Antonella Nifosi’s V-D Class at Liceo Keplero, Rome. Judges commented: “This video was produced with careful research of photographs and appropriate reading choices. The soundtrack and voiceover fit in nicely.”

An opposite world…how would it be?
by Professor Claudia Caccio’s 4-CL Class at Liceo Kant, Rome. Judges commented: “This is an interesting take on racism and its nature. The video employs many narrative tools from drawings to acting and interviews.”

by Professor Cinzia Cetraro’s 4-F Class at Liceo Scientifico Isaac Newton, Rome. Judges commented: “This video deserves mention for its contemporary approach that put the novel’s major themes into today’s social context to see how they relate to us and what kind of behavior they should prompt.”

Congratulations to all Italy Reads participants!