American Academy in Rome Exhibit Curated by Professor Gianni

Founded in 1895, the American Academy in Rome is the oldest American overseas center for independent study and advanced research in the arts and humanities. The Academy’s scholarly division offers fellowships in all phases of Italy’s history and culture, from the ancient world to modern times.

The exhibit curated by Professor Ilaria Gianni along with assistant curator Saverio Verini is called Cinque Mostre – Across the Board: Parts of a Whole. The exhibition is an itinerant and performative exhibition articulated in several areas of the American Academy. It incorporates works by artists, scholarly research, architectural studies, musical compositions and literary texts. The different locations disclose a cosmos of tales investigating marginality, authenticity, language, fragmentation, translation, and transformation.

The exhibit, which inaugurated on February 9, is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 7pm until April 3, 2016.

In conjunction with the exhibition Cinque Mostre 2016 – Across the Board: Parts of a Whole, on April 3 the American Academy in Rome will host the first of two appointments exploring the themes engaged by the exhibition. Temenos, is a performance which addresses the union of sound and movement in relationship to architecture. Please refer to the American Academy website for additional information.

Professor of Art History at John Cabot since 2009, Ilaria Gianni is a curator and writer based in Rome. After obtaining a postgraduate degree in Art History at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” she received an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths College. She is currently Head of Programming of the Nomas Foundation, Rome, along with curator Cecilia Canziani.

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