JCU Professor Antonella Salvatore Publishes Book On Retailing

Professor Salvatore

Professor Salvatore

JCU Professor Salvatore has just published her book Il Manuale del Retailing: strumenti e tecniche di gestione del business retail (“The Retail Manual: Tools and Techniques for Retail Management”).

The book analyzes why retail is a leading industry, describes what the features of this distribution channel are, and qualifies the forces that contrast it. It explains how to start and run a retailing business, describing what the available tools and possible strategies are.

Focusing on economics and management, the text is designed for students and faculty members in the marketing field but is also aimed at professionals.

Prof. Salvatore worked as Sales and Retail Director for multinational companies such as Calvin Klein Jeans, Sixty Spa, Bialetti Industrie, and Fila Europe. She teaches Marketing and Retailing at John Cabot, and manages the Center for Career Services.