JCU 2016 Student Awards Winners

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, John Cabot University students, faculty and staff gathered on the Secchia Terrace for the annual Student Award Ceremony. The awards, presented by President Franco Pavoncello and by the Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Merva, are in recognition of academic and service excellence. In opening the ceremony, President Pavoncello remarked how the growth of John Cabot is propelled by the hard work and quality of its student body, exemplified by the students receiving the awards.

Student Awards Winners

Student Awards Winners

Congratulations to all our winners! Here is the full list:

Academic Awards

The Lloyd Dodd Award in Art History: Flavia Catarinelli
The Luciano Battelli Award in Business Administration: Fabio Cantoro
Communications: Silvia Bezzi, Silvia Calarco
Media Production: Claudia Calcara
Economics: Maria Borisova
English Literature: Jacopo Capparelli
Finance and Accounting: Maria Borisova
The Brian Williams Award in History: Fiamma Mozzetta
Humanistic Studies: Skye Chanon
International Affairs: Ludovica Pizzichelli
Marketing: Menatalla Mohamed Gamal Mossalihy
Math: Maria Borisova, Fabio Cantoro
Political Science: Ekaterina Soubeva
Psychology: Ludovica Pizzichelli
Studio Art: Anna Pushkova, Milena Rivolova

Outstanding Service Awards

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University: Maria Nicolosi, Ekaterina Soubeva
The Alessandro Mioni Student Award: Jessica Islami
Student Leadership Award: Chiara Valcastelli
Service to the John Cabot University Community: Milena Casabella
Community Service Award: Ludovica Pizzichelli
Student Worker Award: Samantha Abear, Roberto Maria Sciarra
Sports Award: Lucio D’Alessandro
The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles: Enrica Barberis