Interview with Lucrezia Lo Schiavo

Lucrezia Lo Schiavo

Lucrezia Lo Schiavo

Major: International Affairs, Class of 2014
From: Rome, Italy
Intern, Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations. Assigned to the department that is promoting the Italian candidature to a non-permanent seat on the Security Council for the term 2017-2018.
Currently completing a Master’s in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Bologna with a Double Degree with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

What has been your biggest challenge in moving from Rome to Moscow to New York?
Honestly, when I left Rome to move to the University of Bologna I knew that I was going to go to Moscow but I had no idea that my other destination was going to be New York. In fact, while attending my second year of studies in Moscow, I found out about the opportunity to apply through the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an internship at one of the Italian embassies abroad. Of course, I did not have to think about it twice before applying! It was a very competitive selection and when I found out I had been accepted I was extremely happy and grateful to all my years of study. After the first days of great joy, however, I realized that in order to work at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations I had to leave Moscow. Leaving Moscow to come to New York City was bittersweet: a new great experience ahead of me meant leaving another amazing city behind.

Are you in touch with the JCU Community in NYC?
Yes, I have always been in touch with the JCU community when I was in Italy, then in Moscow and now here in New York. In Moscow I had the opportunity to find out that there were more Russians than I thought who studied at JCU and it was a good chance to strengthen our friendships. Now, in New York I have been meeting with so many old friends! Here there are also many students who studied abroad in Rome. I feel so lucky to have friends everywhere I go. There are so many people I have not seen in years in NYC. If I ever have a long weekend, I would also like to travel to visit other friends. JCU people become a family and anywhere we go, we will help each other feel at home.

What do you miss the most about JCU?
I used to miss the dynamic and international atmosphere. However, I have to be honest that since I moved here to NYC and started working at the Italian Mission to the UN, I found another great environment full of challenging inputs. I must admit that the first year outside of JCU was hard, I was very much used to the familiar and lively environment, but life goes on and I learned to find new interests that have encouraged me to arrive where I am now.

Rome, New York or Moscow? Pick the city you prefer to live in and why.
This is a very hard question. Rome is home. I was born and raised there, my heart belongs to the Eternal City and I am always happy to go back. However, I cannot deny that both Moscow and New York are two beautiful cities in their own particular ways. I cannot choose one place, I think I am very lucky that I have had the opportunity to live in all three, even for a short time.

What are your goals after your Master’s? What’s next?
I am considering several paths for my future. For sure my main desire is to prepare for and take the Italian diplomatic state exam. To be a diplomat, to represent and work for my country abroad, has always been my great aspiration, but I would not be surprised if during my way there I find new interesting options. For instance, I would like to move back to Moscow for a while to keep studying Russian; I would like to find a little job in Paris that can allow me to practice my French; I would like to have an experience with one of the EU institutions in Belgium or even with a private company for a while. Basically, I am open to new options! For sure, I am going to graduate this summer. What comes next depends on many little things that can happen between now and the next few months. Just like I had no idea I was going to come to New York, something else unexpected may happen anytime!