JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Jegor Levkovskiy, CEO of Bemyguru

Jegor Levkovskiy

Jegor Levkovskiy

On Tuesday, April 19th, the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Professor Riccardo Maiolini‘s Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship (BUS 410) class, welcomed Jegor Levkovskiy for a guest lecture.

As the students of BUS 410 consider important steps in creating a startup and potential problems related to entrepreneurial business, receiving advice from experienced entrepreneurs is essential. Levkovskiy, who presented his company Bemyguru, provided insights into his experience with strategic planning, adaptation, and competitor analysis.

Bemyguru connects individuals seeking advice with experts in the field and allows them to interact with one another. With over 200 professional gurus currently participating, one can find an expert to give advice on nearly every subject.

Levkovskiy discussed his past experiences as a “startupper” and how previous errors helped him become a better entrepreneur today. In Nov. 2012, Levkovskiy won first place at the Verona Google Startup Weekend, a three-day competition where participants developed a marketplace-ready idea by the end of the event.

Mamoo, Levkovskiy’s first-place idea took two and a half years to get online. What Levkovskiy learned was that time is of the essence. “Done is better than perfect,” he said. It is better to get a basic product available quickly and to develop it than to wait until the final product is perfect. He also learned a competitor was “someone answering the same question.” These insights changed how he behaved as a businessman.

The guest lecture concluded with questions from students regarding various online tools for conducting market research and how to gain inspiration from competitors.