Professor Sorgner Publishes 8th Volume of Posthumanist Series

John Cabot University Associate Professor of Philosophy Stefan Lorenz Sorgner has published the 8th volume in his Posthumanist series “Beyond Humanism: Trans- and Posthumanism.” The newest addition, an essay collection, “From Humanism to Meta-, Post- and Transhumanism,” was published by Peter Lang in spring 2016.

His work on posthuman issues has earned Prof. Sorgner invites to several conferences, such as UNESCO’s 2014 World Humanities Forum and the 2013 World Congress of Philosophy. Most recently, Prof. Sorgner spoke about ethics, transhumanism, and Star Trek at a conference in Nürnberg, Germany on April 15-17.

Moving forward, Prof. Sorgner is organizing a committee for the 8th Beyond Humanism Conference, which will take place May 25-27, 2016, in Madrid at the Universidad Complutense. The conference is dedicated to the theme “Posthuman Studies and Technologies of Control: From Nietzsche to Trans-, Post- and Metahumanism.”