Prof. Paganini Publishes Article "Only School Remains Dumb"

On April 30, 2016, Business Administration Professor Pietro Paganini published an article in the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa entitled: “Solo la scuola è rimasta stupida” (“Only School Remains Dumb”). In the article, Paganini writes about how technological advancement has changed all aspects of our lives, from the workplace to our homes. “Everything has become smart: the city, the house, the office. But not school. It is stupid” Paganini observes.

Paganini continues by highlighting how the Italian school system needs to move away from the lecture-format it has been following for centuries. However, he warned, introducing laptops and tablets in the classroom is not enough, as they help digitalize the school, but don’t make it any smarter. What is needed, Paganini continued, is a new model, one that stimulates curiosity while encouraging students to make mistakes. “Error is a fundamental moment in the growth process. Making mistakes shows will, creativity, and resourcefulness,” Paganini writes.

Paganini concludes the article by urging the Italian government to give a signal, to show that it understands the need for a change. “Students should be at the center of school, and school should be at the center of society,” he says.

Read the article (in Italian).