Professor Pal Belenyesi at St. Mary's College

On Friday, May 6, 2016, Business Administration and Economics Professor Pal Belenyesi held a full-class lecture at St. Mary College, in California. Former JCU visiting students, who took Professor Belenyesi’s class BUS 340 – Leading Intercultural Negotiations, organized the lecture.

Hosted by Professor Michael Hadani in his International Business class, Prof. Belenyesi gave a lecture on “Cultural Relativity and Intercultural Competence.” Specifically, he focused on intercultural relations, intercultural competence, and the importance of moving towards the acceptance of cultural relativity as opposed to ethnocentric attitudes. Moreover, Prof. Belenyesi emphasized the significance of developing cultural skills in the 21st century, when all businesses tend to have cross-border elements, and the need to being able to present to a culturally diverse group of people.

St. Mary’s students were very receptive of the lecture and used the Q&A session until the end of class time.