The Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Alberto Piras from Brave Potions

Alberto Piras

Alberto Piras

On October 20, 2016, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Professor Silvia Pulino‘s BUS 305 class welcomed Alberto Piras, co-founder of the startup Brave Potions.

A Bocconi graduate in Management, Piras has always had an interest in the health and medical field. Upon seeing an image on Facebook of IV bag covers with superhero logos, Piras developed an idea to help children overcome their fear of doctors and facilitate the doctors’ work.

Brave Potions started out as a simple needle cover that stated “dragon potion”, “superhero potion”, or “princess potion”, and it evolved into something bigger that allows children to enter a whole new magical world. Piras and his team created four magic characters: a fairy, a ninja, a superhero, and a wizard. Brave Potions provides the doctors with a SuperPowers kit that includes a banner with the characters descriptions, character cards children can play with, and bag covers for their medical instruments.

While in the waiting room, children can choose which character they want to become and the parents can download the SuperPowers app to read the characters’ stories and talk to Doctor Potion via the app’s augmented reality feature. During the examination, the doctor will use instruments with the selected character’s cover bags. The covers conceal the instruments, leading children to believe something magical is happening and that they are being transformed into a character.

To this day, the SuperPowers service is offered in 300+ dental practices.

Piras concluded by sharing useful insights for those wishing to enter the business world, such as to always learn from customers by asking, listening, changing, and repeating until you are successful.