Remoria VR's CEO Lectures on Mobile Virtual Reality

On October 4, 2016 the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship and Professor Pulino’s BUS 305 class welcomed Marco de Falco, CEO and co-founder of Remoria VR.

Marco de Falco, CEO of Remoria VR

Marco de Falco, CEO of Remoria VR

Remoria VR produces Lignum Controller, an input device specifically designed for mobile virtual reality applications. Input devices are means through which the user can interact with virtual reality. Connected to a headset via Bluetooth, Lignum Controller allows motion and orientation tracking for a better experience. The aim was to develop something that could help the user feel completely immersed in the virtual reality. The purpose of this product is to meet the consumers’ need for a more affordable access to the virtual reality world.

“Always the person first. Bet on the jockey, not on the horse.” De Falco used this R. Herjavec quote to highlight the importance of teamwork and cooperation in the pursuit of innovation and creativity.