John Cabot University Hosts Election Results Party

JCU Student Government organized an event to celebrate the United States’ elections on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This was the last of several US election related events at the University including a voter registration initiative and a two-day absentee voting event, both in October.

Students anxiously await the election results

Students anxiously await the election results

Student Government President Hazel Ebenezer opened the event by welcoming enthusiastic students, faculty, and staff. John Cabot University’s President Pavoncello followed her with an introduction for the election.

The evening’s activities started at midnight, began with a six team Jeopardy hosted by Katie Kehoe of Student Government. The themed categories were all related to the election in some way. Team “Herstory” was crowned the champions at the end of game.

Once the first polls closed, the live CNN results were continuously streamed to keep the community up to date on the projected results. While watching the live coverage, students, faculty, and staff discussed the implications of the results among themselves. Supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump maintained a hopeful and respectful tone throughout the evening.

JCU students at the Election Night Party

JCU students at the Election Night Party

Throughout the evening, STAND, one of the university’s service oriented clubs, held a bake sale to benefit the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center where they regularly volunteer. In addition to the STAND bake sale, at 4AM, JCU alum, Jesse Smeal of Homebaked provided a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon to help keep spirits up and give everyone the energy to stay awake in order to find out the election results.

The event continued into the morning and ended with Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at about 9AM.

During the event, reporters from various Italian and international media outlets interviewed members of the JCU community to record their reactions to the election projections and outcomes.

Watch JCU students and professors on TG Lazio (in Italian) at about 7.5 minutes.

Watch more interviews with JCU students, Dean Mary Merva, and professors:

La vita in diretta (26-30, 48-51, 2:18:00 – 2:20:00 minutes)  

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