The Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Manolo Abrignani, Co-Founder at Qurami

Manolo Abrignani, co-founder of Qurami

Manolo Abrignani, co-founder of Qurami

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, the Institute for Entrepreneurship welcomed Manolo Abrignani, co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Qurami, the first mobile time-management platform. In the lecture, Abrignani presented what Qurami does before explaining the approach he took in designing the communication strategy for the company.

Qurami, Abrignani said, is an app that allows you to get a ticket for any queue in participating structures (e.g. the Gemelli Hospital in Rome) directly from your smartphone, or to choose when to go, even before arriving at the place. The app checks the queue status using real time updates, thus ensuring remarkable time saving.

Abrignani then described the communication strategy he implemented to “spread the word” about Qurami. The main challenge was the amount of information and advertisement that users are faced with on a daily basis. In such a media-saturated world, he continued, it is no longer enough to tell prospective customers what a product does. Rather, there is a need to spark their curiosity, to engage them. In order to do so Abrignani resorted to storytelling techniques, specifically the three-act structure of films, to design his communication strategy. He did so because the three-act structure has been codified in a universally recognizable way that has been proven to keep the audience engaged.

Abrignani concluded by remarking the importance of data science, and in particular analytics, to gauge the audience reaction to a communication strategy. “If you are not able to understand the impact of your communication strategy,” Abrignani said, “it is not going to work, regardless of its quality”.