Prof. Michèle Favorite Publishes Article on Women and Soft Skills in Aspenia

Professor Michèle Favorite recently published the article “L’incredibile paradosso” (“The incredible paradox”) in Aspenia, the journal of Aspen Institute Italy. In the article, Prof. Favorite discusses the paradox between the growing demand for soft skills worldwide and how they are not sufficiently available. Women, who are natural custodians of soft skills thanks to their maternal and caregiver responsibilities, are reluctant to valorize them.

Professor Michèle Favorite

Professor Michèle Favorite

Prof. Favorite, Assistant Professor of Business and Communications and Associate Director for Italian Admissions, holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University. In Spring 2017 she will be teaching Business Communications at John Cabot University.

Read the article “L’incredibile paradosso” (in Italian)