Professor Argentieri Discusses Trump, Populism and Russia

On November 18-20, 2016, Federigo Argentieri, Professor of Political Science and Director of Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, contributed to a roundtable panel titled “Demagogues and Democrats in Central-Eastern Europe.” The panel, organized as part of the annual convention of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, featured the co-authors of a textbook on the region which will soon be published in its fourth edition in ten years. Central to the discussion was the ‘populist tide’ affecting various countries of the EuroAtlantic space, including the US with the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Professor Valerie Bunce from Cornell University wondered if a new Moscow-centered Internationale was in the making, on account of the strong albeit discreet encouragement that populist parties and leaders have received from Russia.

In a subsequent article published in “Corriere della Sera” on December 31, 2016, Professor Argentieri elaborated on a possible comparison between the Russian presidential election of 1996, which the US heavily influenced, and the recent victory of Donald Trump allegedly manipulated by Russia. The main difference is that the 1996 election was followed by stability, cooperation and prosperity throughout Europe, whereas the current forecast is rather bleak.

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