"Made in Italy: the Italian Business Environment," a New Spring 2017 Course

Prof. Salvatore, who teaches "Made in Italy: the Italian Business Environment."

Prof. Salvatore, who teaches “Made in Italy: the Italian Business Environment.”

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature and the Department of Business Administration have launched a new course for Spring 2017: “Made in Italy: the Italian Business Environment.” Taught by Professor Antonella Salvatore, the course aims to give students a well-rounded idea of the Italian business environment, its culture, and dynamics.

“The ‘Made in Italy’ sector is highly valued all over the world, for the tradition, care, and attention to detail that characterizes products bearing that label. In fact, in spite of recent threats from foreign investors, ‘Made in Italy’ products still maintain their leading position in the global market,” said Prof. Salvatore.

Managing a business in Italy is very different from managing one in many other parts of the world. Italy’s business environment is relationship-oriented, rather than information-oriented, which has an influence not only on business practices but also on business etiquette.  The course considers Italy’s different management styles and the influence that various factors, such as geographical ones, have on them, as well as how the European Union affects Italian corporate activities. Professor Salvatore also focuses on the challenges foreign companies face in Italy, on recent developments in the Italian job market, and on labor laws.

The course teaches students how Italian companies work and why they are so successful through an analysis of case studies and thanks to special guests, who bring to class their personal entrepreneurial experience.

The first of such guests was Simone Casciaro, CEO of the innovative Italian start-up “QOOWEAR: The World’s First Thermal Wear with Artificial Intelligence,” who presented his business to JCU students on Monday, January 30th. The revolutionary idea of QOOWEAR consists of thermal wear that uses artificial intelligence to keep you warm and regulate your body temperature in any climatic condition.

“The course and the guest lecturers represent a unique opportunity for international students to learn more about Italy, its business environment and its business culture,” said Prof. Salvatore.