Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Studioplace

Giorgio Uffreduzzi, Account Manager at Studioplace

Giorgio Uffreduzzi, Account Manager at Studioplace

On February 23rd, the Institute for Entrepreneurship welcomed Giorgio Gioacchini and Giorgio Uffreduzzi, respectively Founder and Account Manager at Studioplace, to Professor Maiolini’s E-Marketing (MKT 340) class. Studioplace is a digital agency that focuses on web design and development, digital marketing, event organization and social media management. The Studioplace team utilizes various tools in their digital marketing strategies, ranging from social media to email marketing, from display and keyword ads to both online and offline PR.

One of Studioplace’s distinctive traits is found in its corporate culture. All employees are under 30 and they regularly share snapshots of their working life on the company’s Instagram account. Despite being a very “young” company, Studioplace has built an impressive portfolio of clients across different industries. In the past two years, the company has developed digital marketing campaigns for companies such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Cambridge University Press, and created websites for companies like Gau Arena, the architecture studio that designed the Juventus Stadium.

Giorgio Gioacchini, co-Founder of Studioplace

Giorgio Gioacchini, Founder of Studioplace

Uffreduzzi described the process behind a digital marketing campaign as a five step approach. They start by assessing the client’s need and then perform an audit, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and opportunities and competitors in the market. The results of the audit are necessary in order to design the correct strategy with respect to the desired marketing funnel. Once a strategy is defined, milestones need to be implemented in order to track the marketing strategy’s performance. The next, and final two phases are the strategy implementation and the assessment of its performance in accordance with the client’s key performance indicators (KPI).

To conclude the lecture, Uffreduzzi presented a successful example of Studioplace’s activity: Digital Yuppies. Digital Yuppies hosts events on Digital Marketing for professionals in the field. The latest edition (12th) took place on October 8, 2016 and featured speakers such as Lucian Beierling of Soundreef and Massimo Chieruzzi of AdEspresso.