Global Mindset in Business: Senior Mary Rose Castillo

Mary Rose Castillo is an International Business major from Rome. In Spring 2017, Mary attended the Start-Up Weekend hosted at John Cabot University where her team had to conceive, develop, and deliver a project with a 54-hour deadline. She eventually wishes to pursue a Master’s in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, the Philippines.

Mary Rose Castillo

Mary Rose Castillo

What brings you to JCU?
My parents are from the Philippines, but I was born and raised in Rome. While attending an Italian high school, I missed the multicultural environment and the diversity of the international elementary school that I attended. Therefore, once I received my high school diploma, I looked for an institution that could provide that kind of environment, and I found JCU.

What are the benefits of studying International Business in this day and age?
International Business allows you to learn and understand foreign business environments and global markets, which are full of challenges. We live in a fast-changing and connected world, where technology plays a fundamental role, and where the world’s economy is increasingly global. I particularly enjoy learning about different cultures and societies, and welcome the challenge of approaching issues from different perspectives. I also like to study how we are shaping the world through business and technology.

What are your plans after graduation?
I would like to find an internship with a business consultancy group, but I would also be interested in working in marketing or social media management. I am planning to gain some work experience first and then to pursue a Master’s in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila.

Who is your business role model?
My business role model is my mother, Rosie. After graduation in the Philippines, she immigrated to Italy. After a period of struggle, she started working for what was a flourishing market at the time, Airbnb. Today, she manages more than 200 apartments in Rome. She is my business role model because she decided to start a new life without any help from her parents or relatives. She chose to move and start a new life. Today it is easier to settle in a new place and try to make a career there. But 35 years ago it was different, it was harder and communications technology was that of another era. My mom taught me that charisma and willpower are a must if you want to succeed or accomplish goals in life. Also, she reminds me that failure is important because it is only by recognizing failure and understanding our mistakes that we learn and improve.

Tell us about your experience at the Start-Up weekend.
JCU hosted the Start-Up Weekend in Spring 2017. Through this event I had the opportunity to meet interesting people and mentors from all over Italy, working in different fields. The task was to form teams and work on an entrepreneurial project within  a 54-hour deadline. By participating in this competition I experienced how tough and stressful it can be to work with limited resources and time. In the end, we made it to the second place of the competition, winning a legal consultancy and a working space for 3 months. Thanks to this experience I learned how to work in a diverse team of people, with different backgrounds and mindsets. I also learned the value of time-management. The most important lesson I have learned is accepting that sometimes you are wrong. Accept the fact that your idea may not work, and embrace the criticism from your peers.

What was your biggest surprise studying at JCU?
My biggest surprise at JCU are the professors. Most of them challenge you, motivate you, and push you to be better. You can count on them to help or clear up any doubts you might have. They are experienced and they manage to relate their classes to today’s world. Many classes take a practical approach, allowing students to learn faster and apply what they have learned right away.