Professor Antonella Salvatore Speaks at "Digital Transformation" Conference

Business Administration Professor Antonella Salvatore at the "Digital Transformations" Conference

Business Administration Professor Antonella Salvatore at the “Digital Transformation” Conference

JCU Business Administration Professor Antonella Salvatore was guest speaker at the conference “Digital transformation: from business to human” on Wednesday, November 22. The conference, organized by PonteVia!, sought to understand the impact that digital transformation has on our lives, particularly in the realms of communication, education and ethics. Founded in 2013 by Alix Carnot, PonteVia! is an association that fosters the exchange of professional experiences and skills among its French and Italian-speaking members and facilitates the development of individual projects in Rome and in the Lazio region.

According to Professor Salvatore, while social media makes it easier to connect virtually with anyone anywhere in the world, it does not necessarily aggregate people in real life. Professor Salvatore remarked on the importance for young professionals to master social media, regardless of the field they would like to work in, as social media managers and professionals of the digital field are highly sought after in the job market. At the same time, education should help young generations to develop critical thinking as well as to understand and appreciate real life social interactions, in order to avoid the isolation that the digital world can induce.

Professor Antonella Salvatore worked as Sales and Retail Director for multinational companies such as Calvin Klein Jeans, Sixty Spa, Bialetti Industrie, Fila Europe. She opened subsidiaries in international markets, U.K., U.S., Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Brazil; she negotiated distribution and franchising agreements with business partners in international markets.

She is the Director of the Center for Professional and Continuing Education and Career Services at JCU and she manages collaborations with more than 500 companies and organizations. Prof. Salvatore teaches Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Services Marketing, Advertising Management, Retailing Applied to Fashion Industry and Professional Skills for Career Development.