Professor Welsh Participates in 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference

Professor Bridget Welsh

Professor Bridget Welsh

Professor Bridget Welsh was invited to discuss the current Southeast Asian political environment at the 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference. Interviewed by CNBC Asia in connection with the conference, she also spoke about the challenges faced in dealing with Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis.

Watch the interview: “‘Myanmar’s next president likely to be another loyalist’: Professor”

Bridget Welsh is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Asian Outreach at John Cabot University. She is also Senior Research Associate at the Center for East Asia Democratic Studies of the National Taiwan University, a Senior Associate Fellow of The Habibie Center, and a University Fellow of Charles Darwin University. She analyzes Southeast Asian politics, especially Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries in the region.

Her most recent book is entitled The End of UMNO: Essays on Malaysia’s Dominant Party (2016). She has edited Reflections: The Mahathir Years (2004), Legacy of Engagement in Southeast Asia (2008), Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years in Singapore (2009), Democracy Takeoff?: Reflections on the BJ Habibie Period (2012), Awakening: Abdullah Badawi’s Years in Malaysia (2013) (the Malay abridged edition Bangkit 2014). She is currently working on a number of projects examining democracy, electoral behavior and polling in Malaysia and regime support across Southeast Asia. She is also currently studying women and gender in politics in Southeast Asia, and has ongoing projects examining electoral politics, freedom in Southeast Asia, Great Power relations in Southeast Asia, and political conditions in Myanmar/Burma.