The Future is Open Source: International Business Student Alessia Gozi

Alessia Gozi is International Business major and Entrepreneurship minor student from Cesena, Italy (Class of 2020). She was a part of the team that won the Enactus national contest in Italy and will  fly to Silicon Valley, California to represent John Cabot in the Fall at the Enactus Worldwide competition. Alessia has also been selected to become an Ambassador of Impactscool, an association that provides innovative methods to teach students on how new technologies impact the future.

Student Alessia Gozi

Student Alessia Gozi

Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador of Impactscool. How did you get involved in this initiative?
A few months ago, during my second semester at JCU, Professor Pulino encouraged her students to participate at a conference presented by Impactscool. Impactscool is an association that educates thousands of students about the impact of new technologies on our society. Their activities include workshops, conferences, and projects, with more than eight thousands participants in five different countries. The conference at John Cabot was about the impact of artificial intelligence on businesses, how to provide high schools with the tools they need to teach entrepreneurial skills to students, and about the ethics of technology. This was my first chance of participating in something I have always been passionate about – technology and entrepreneurship. I found the conference quite educational and useful for my future career.

I recently saw a JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship call for applications to become an Ambassador of Impactscool. I decided to apply because I was curious to know more about new technologies and I want to make an impact on society and people’s lives. I was selected among over a hundred applicants. I am really grateful to Impactscool and John Cabot University for the opportunity and I would like to thank Professor Pulino and the JCU Institute For Entrepreneurship for always believing in their students.

You have also participated in an event organized by Junior Achievement called Leaders 4 a Day. Could you tell us more about it?
Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students in school about topics like entrepreneurship. Leaders 4 a Day is a job-shadowing experience only given to ten students selected from all universities and high schools in Italy. This event aims to provide students with a clearer understanding of the job market, expand their network, and lead students to employment opportunities.

I was assigned to MetLife, an international insurance company. The employee I “shadowed” was Manuele D’Anastasio, the Portfolio Administration Supervisor. Before this experience, I had very limited knowledge about insurance companies, but as soon as the day started I found the company’s environment to be familiar and comfortable. Manuele was patient, and willing to dedicate time to explain his job to me.

You are also a part of Enactus Team that won the Enactus national contest in Italy. What was the idea you presented?
The idea that won the competition, “Our Common Thread,” is a project that will aid migrants in Rome’s Trastevere community to pursue a job in tailoring through the refurbishing of second-hand clothes, leveraging the 75kg of clothing per year that JCU visiting students leave behind. The vision is to inspire Italy to welcome migrants and provide them with the opportunities they deserve to begin a new life. By giving them the ability to tell their stories through the refurbishing of clothes, our team aims to raise awareness of the importance of acceptance and integration. Key aspects of the project are value creation, involvement of beneficiaries, and sustainability. Ultimately we hope to not only execute but expand the project, scaling up to other universities in Rome and other cities in Italy.