Washington Post: President Pavoncello on Italy's Budget Standoff with E.U.

President Franco Pavoncello was interviewed on December 18, 2018 by The Washington Post on Italy’s recent budget standoff with the European Union.

President Franco Pavoncello

President Franco Pavoncello

Italy’s current government coalition made up of the Five Star Movement and the League, both considered populist parties, had presented a budget proposal that set the budget deficit at 2.4 percent of gross domestic product,  which the E.U. considered too high.  After months of tension between Rome and Brussels, Italy reduced the target deficit to 2.0, thus ending the standoff.

A professor of Political Science and leading analyst of Italian politics, Dr. Pavoncello’s work has appeared in, among others, the American Political Science Review, the British Journal of Political Science, Asian Studies, and World Affairs. He is also a well-known media commentator on Italian affairs, a contributor to major international newspapers such as the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, and he appears regularly on radio and television networks including CNN, BBC, Reuters Press and TV, and many other media organizations.

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