Creativity and Discipline: Keys to Running a Marketing Agency and DJ Academy

John Cabot University’s Center for Career Services hosted guest speaker Marco Tognetto, CEO of Tognetto Group, for a presentation called “Digital Marketing Management and DJ Academy” on September 17, 2019. Held within the context of Professor Antonella Salvatore’s MKT 302 Service Marketing course, the presentation was open to all JCU students, staff, and faculty.

Digital Marketing Management and DJ Academy

Digital Marketing Management and DJ Academy

Tognetto began by introducing his marketing agency Does Matter, which provides communication and marketing strategies as well as brand development and management services. With its team of marketers, the agency provides quality services to a diverse set of clients, ranging from international supermarket chains to major Italian fashion brands.

When creating marketing strategies, it’s crucial to identify key performance indicators, because they allow the company to measure the effectiveness of its campaigns and to adjust its strategies accordingly. Tognetto explained that a good marketing team needs to be creative and disciplined. “You need to be able to read the data and the numbers in order to know if what you are doing is producing the desired outcome. On the other hand, you have to be flexible to adjust your strategy when you are not achieving the outcome you desired,” said Tognetto.

Tognetto recently expanded Does Matter’s services to include a DJ Academy. They offer courses on how to become a DJ, how to use mixing equipment, and the importance of creating a personal brand. Once the DJs are trained, Does Matter invites its other clients to recruit them for their events.

Before opening the floor to questions and discussion, Tognetto introduced JCU alumnus Daniil Matskevich, Class of 2019. “At Tognetto Group, we like to work with students from JCU because we know they receive a high-quality education, and we want to give a high-quality product to our clients,” said Tognetto. Matskevich began working with Does Matter while he was still a student after obtaining an internship through the Center for Career Services.