Alumna Giulia Campagna Wins Credit Suisse Global Employee Award 2019


Zurich, Switzerland

JCU Alumna Giulia Campagna, a 2012 graduate in Business Administration, won the 2019 Credit Suisse Global Employee Award. This recognition is given to employees with an outstanding annual performance and who act as role models within the company. Giulia received the Award (for Meritocracy) thanks to her dedication, ability to overcome obstacles, and accuracy in her work.

Giulia obtained her first internship in Zurich at Ernst & Young after attending the JCU career fair in 2012. Thanks to this experience, she had the opportunity to learn more about banking. After one year and a half, she decided to specialize in compliance within the financial industry and started working at Credit Suisse.

“John Cabot University has significantly contributed to launching my career in the financial industry by helping me set foot in the ‘land of banks’ and providing me with the necessary skills to become a project manager,” said Giulia.

Currently, she is working as project manager in the Digital Transformation and Product Lab of Credit Suisse Compliance Department, where she enhances client lifecycle processes (i.e. onboarding) to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. Her job requires both technical skills, such as stakeholder management, and soft skills, such as problem solving. According to Giulia, John Cabot helped her develop her skills thanks to its unique multi-cultural environment, the extra-curricular activities, and a strong academic curriculum.

Giulia Campagna

Giulia Campagna

Giulia had the opportunity to boost her professional growth in 2017, when she was tasked to design and harmonize Credit Suisse global client onboarding functions in each of the key Private Banking international locations with a tight deadline. This gave her the opportunity to learn local practices and regulatory frameworks, as well as to deliver high-quality results with high time pressure.

“I remember the fear of leaving John Cabot to enter an unknown professional reality in a foreign country,” said Giulia. “The transition was not easy as a young professional in a large corporate firm. I look back to where I started and where I am today in my professional career and I feel proud.”

(Giorgia Tamburi)