The Sustainability Challenge of Fashionpreneurship: Ecool

Eco-sustainability has become increasingly important over the last decades, as studies on the environment have started piling up evidence of the damage that has been done to the planet by individuals and corporations.

The sustainability challenge of fashionpreneurship: EcoolIn a world where the production of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt requires 20,000 liters of water, and 78% of the 11 million tons of textiles produced every year are systematically discarded, the Ecool team decided to step up and push for a change. Ecool’s purpose is to replace synthetic fabrics, widely used for their low-prices in fast fashion, with a much eco-friendlier option, a textile produced with the use of bumper crops, the excess production of specific agricultural crops. This option is still cheap but is superior in quality when compared, for example to, rayon, one of the most used textiles.

Giulia Francesca Primo, JCU Alumna and CEO at Ecool, Riccardo Frigerio, CTO, Domizia Di Maggio, JCU Alumna and Growth Manager, and Sebastiano Giorgietti, Creative Director, recently described their strategies and aspirations for this project in the context of Prof. Antonella Salvatore’s class “Retailing Applied to Fashion Industry.”

The admirable objective of the Ecool team is to delve deeper into this field of research, create jobs, and push the whole fashion industry towards a greener and more ethical approach to doing business, with their skill, vision, and supporting partners.

“I applaud the vision of the Ecool team and thank them for their testimonial, especially in these trying times,” commented Prof. Salvatore.