The Digital Marketing Leap Forward

How important has digital marketing become?

Just a few years ago, the number of positions available for someone specialized in social media or content marketing were far fewer than what they are today, which suggests a rapid shift in marketing strategies and the aggressive takeover of the digital world on the current job market.

The Digital Marketing Leap Forward

Most social media platforms and search engines we use today started out as entirely free-of-charge services with no advertising spaces, and served our need for research, information and connection. Now they have also become marketplaces and substitutes for the billboards we used to see from our cars on our way to school or work during our daily commutes.

During these times when physical isolation has pushed the entire world online, the necessity and value of digital marketing strategies has increased even further: if we cannot be reached in person, we can still be exposed to products, advertisements, influencers, and celebrities that are active online.

As Professor Antonella Salvatore, Director of the Center for Career Services and Continuing Education, recently pointed out, “in the last six months the number of jobs in digital marketing has doubled, so have the requests from companies looking for JCU marketing and communications graduates.”

These numbers seem to corroborate the digital marketing leap forward and are undoubtedly going to grow even further as the online dimension becomes increasingly integral to our daily lives. Even right now, it is already an irreplaceable part of our work, our academics and our social lives. While cloud repositories, e-learning platforms and online chats were important yesterday, they are an absolute necessity today.