Message from the President: JCU Condemns Racism, Discrimination, and Violence

Statement by John Cabot University President Franco Pavoncello

President Franco Pavoncello

JCU President Franco Pavoncello

As an American overseas university in Italy, John Cabot University has been following, with great sadness and concern, the events that have unfolded across the United States over the past several days. JCU, true to its mission and history as a fully inclusive community, condemns any violation of human rights, including any form of racism, discrimination, and violence wherever it may occur.

Since its founding, JCU has fully embraced, as the guiding principle of its community life, the promotion of intercultural dialogue and respect. We will continue to defend those fundamental values that form the basis of our mission as educators and engaged global citizens.

The Coronavirus pandemic has closed our campuses, but not our minds, and in the coming months, the University will renew its efforts to encourage further university-wide dialogue on how to create a more inclusive and just future for our society.

President Franco Pavoncello