GeicoTaikisha Group, Led by Alumnus Daryush Arabnia, Acquires Three New Companies

The GeicoTaikisha Group, led by JCU alumnus Daryush Arabnia, recently completed the acquisition of three companies, thus consolidating its market leadership in the production of automotive coating systems.

In an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica, Daryush, who is Chairman, President, and CEO, said, “This is an operation that began in one of the darkest moments in the automotive sector due to the global pandemic. We realize that the current situation is full of uncertainties but investing even more in difficult times is part of our DNA because we feel it is our duty to our Stakeholders and their future.”

Daryush graduated from John Cabot University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2008 and in 2009 he started working at Geico as a project manager. In June of 2020, Daryush’s father Dr. Ali Reza Arabnia, who is also a JCU alumnus as well a beloved Trustee of the University, passed the baton of the GeicoTaikisha Group to his son.

Daryush Arabnia with GeikoTaikisha Group

Third from right: Daryush Arabnia; fourth from right: Dr. Ali Reza Arabnia

The acquisition concerns J-PM, an engineering company of technological services and project management, based in Stuttgart, Germany, PSP, whose Russian branch is dedicated to the electrical controls field, and the Croatian company SAC specialized in the development of software and IT solutions to make plants “smart” in a 4.0 perspective. With the new structure, the three companies will give rise to GeicoTaikisha Germany (J-PM and PSP) and GeicoTaikisha Controls (SAC). The transaction will enable the Group to strengthen its market leadership, especially with German customers with whom it has been working for several years.

Upon closing, GeicoTaikisha will see its staff increase by more than 100 automation and digitization specialists maximizing, even more, its know-how related to Industry 4.0 with the aim to globally present the first Smart Paintshop. “Acquiring J-PM, PSP, and SAC is part of GeicoTaikisha’s strategic vision which, since way back in 2014, the year J-PM was established, has recognized the importance of Germany as a driving market for automotive growth and recovery, “concluded Daryush Arabnia. “It is in fact an investment that will allow us to integrate the offer of the three companies with ours, strengthening competitiveness in Germany and worldwide, thanks to a 360-degree service.”

Read the article in La Repubblica (in Italian)