John Cabot University Presents Fall 2020 Student Art and Design Show

Art show

Students at Studio Art, Largo dei Fiorentini

John Cabot University’s Department of Art History and Studio Art is hosting the Fall 2020 Student Art and Design Show, which will be showcased both in-person and virtually via Instagram on December 10, 11, and 12. The event is sponsored by the Office of the President and JCU Student Services.

The exhibit highlights the works of JCU students from the following courses: Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Photography, Drawing – Rome Sketchbook, Painting, Street Photography, Foundation in 3D Art and Design, Experimental Drawing, Short-form Video: History and Practice, and Graphic Design: Corporate Identity and Branding. These JCU courses, taught by Professors Kwame Phillips, William Pettit,  Sabrina Schmidt, Jochem Schoneveld, and James Gardner, will be featured during the show.

According to JCU student Hana Lofty, the art exhibit praises the hard work each student has put into their creations. “An art studio is a place where creativity can stem from anywhere, and creation is limitless. On different mediums, one factor that unites all of these pieces is the desire to create something special, something meaningful in order to lead the light back into focus and make art out of the mundanity of the everyday.”

“More than just self-expression, the pieces exhibited are not only art for art’s sake but art for the community’s sake,” she added.

The exhibit will be held only by appointment at Largo dei Fiorentini. In addition, everything will be showcased on JCU’s official Instagram account.