Professor Sorgner to Participate in International Conferences on Transhumanism

Following the publication of his latest book On Transhumanism (Penn State University Press, 2020), JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner has been invited to several events and initiatives. On Transhumanism is a comprehensive overview of the cultural and philosophical movement of transhumanism, and it’s designed for both students of posthumanist philosophy as well as for a general audience interested in learning about the transhumanist movement.

Stefan Sorgner On Transhumanism

Stefan Sorgner On Transhumanism

One of the world’s leading experts in the fields of trans- and post-humanism, Professor Sorgner is Director and Cofounder of the Beyond Humanism Network, Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Research Fellow at the Ewha Institute for the Humanities, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Posthuman Studies. He is the author of five books and the editor of more than ten essay collections.

Professor Sorgner has been invited to give the opening presentation at the “Posthuman Mimesis” conference, which will take place from the 20th until the 22nd of May 2021, and that was organized by the ERC Project “Homo Mimeticus: Theory and Criticism.” The Institute of Social and Political Research (ICSP) of West University, Timisoara (Romania), will host a one-day online event entitled “Living the Posthuman Paradigm Shift? A Symposium on Sorgner’s ‘On Transhumanism,’” which will take place on the 27th of May 2021. Several world-leading scholars will discuss selected reflections from Professor Sorgner’s On Transhumanism. The event will be livestreamed via the Metahumanities YouTube channel. Professor Sorgner has also been invited as a speaker at the 2nd international symposium on transhumanism, which will be held in Brazil from the 26th to the 28th of May 2021.

In addition, several writings by Professor Sorgner have been included in the “Posthuman Studies Reader. Core Readings on Transhumanism, Posthumanism and Metahumanism,” edited by Evi D. Sampanikou, and Jan Stasienko. Professor Sorgner has recently been invited by Natasha Vita-More (one of the founders of transhumanism, who recently launched the website “Transhumanist Studies”) to join her program and become Faculty Mentor along with world-leading transhumanists Max More, Susan Schneider, Anders Sandberg, and Nell Watson. Furthermore, the essay collection “Humanism and its Discontents. The Rise of Transhumanism and Posthumanism,” which includes a detailed intellectual exchange between leading French intellectual Paul Jorion and Professor Sorgner on truth, personhood, and Nietzsche’s Superhuman, will be published in the summer of 2021.